They say the key to success on social media like Instagram or Youtube, if that’s what you’re chasing, is consistency. I think it’s fair to say I’m pretty rubbish at that when it comes to Youtube. Considering I’ve uploaded 25 videos in three and a half years but very sporadically, it’s probably not a recipe for success.

My video of the first shoot with Jorge “Argentinian Beef” must have been on the recommended page or something because it has over 600k views and let’s face it, it’s a total thirst trap. I’m now being more careful to play within the Youtube rules as I don’t want to get banned from the site for breaking all the regulations.

In true inconsistent form, I only uploaded the Slovenia vlog on Saturday and now on Wednesday morning I’ve just uploaded the Corsica vlog. It’s another short one because I was limited on how much I could film given I was in nudist venues. That and the fact that I’m still a bit self conscious of filming all over the place in public.

Anyway, here it is!