We have time on our hands at the moment. Those of us not trying to home school, raise a family and work anyway have time anyway. Being a single man essentially living alone, I definitely find myself with more time on my hands.

So over the weekend, not only did I edit my Slovenia vlog, but I also edited a vlog from Corsica and then followed it up today (quiet working day) with a vlog of Sardinia. They will be added to my Youtube channel in the coming couple of weeks.

Then I finally got around to working out a piece of technology or equipment that I’ve owned for a year but never worked out. A year ago before heading out to my friend’s property in western NSW I got on eBay and bought a timer shutter release cable so that I could do a time-lapse video. Of course I didn’t try it out first and out there with limited time it didn’t work.

Yesterday I got it out and found a youtube video that showed me how to use it. It’s surprisingly simple. So today my camera clicked away every 30 seconds out on my balcony taking photos that I now need to learn how to stitch them all together to create a seamless video. I think that may actually end up being the more complicated part.

A beautifully done time-lapse is a beautiful thing to behold and once I get it mastered, and we get out of these lock down conditions, there are a lot of spots around Sydney that I’d love to capture.