You might all recognise David. He and I have collaborated a few times in the past and recently he appeared with Sam in a download TOGETHER.

The same day we did that shoot, David and I got into the studio for this shoot. At least a year before I’d been chatting to him about doing a shoot and I’d googled “Skirt hoop” or something silly because I had this vision of him in one of them but without the actual skirt they are designed to support. It turns out they are called a crinoline.

Well, David, being the brilliant model, artist and collaborator that he is, had one at home so when we finally got the opportunity to work together again, out it came.

Working with someone like David is an absolute joy. As you can see if you buy the full download, he isn’t shy at all and he has a beautiful body. What makes him truly brilliant to work with though is the fact that he understands the creative process and isn’t afraid of not looking beautiful. He’s got energy and intensity in front of the camera and it’s fantastic to capture. In this shoot he merged his very prominent masculinity (you’ll see if you buy it) with a gentility and delicate softness. There is no macho rubbish with David.

Sadly, David has been one of the many, many people affected by the Corona Virus lockdowns. He’s lost both of his jobs so I’m donating all sales of this download for the next two weeks to him. Please click here to buy VINTAGE. I promise there are dozens of beautiful and erotic nude images for you to enjoy.