The world is in a state at the moment. Times are as bleak and sad as they haven’t been since probably World War II. But never fear the people we need to guide us out of this mess are here.

Do you know where to go to get all the most credible and reliable information in a crisis? Influencers with a six pack! They are the ONLY people we should be looking to for advice. The police, the medical professionals and the government are all clueless. They aren’t giving you the real information.

Only a pretty person with a six pack and endorsement deals will tell you to mix boil oranges in water and pour the (still boiling) water down your throat to kill the virus.

I’m always stunned when people with zero medical training but two or three gym memberships think that they are the ones the world needs to tell people how to overcome mental health struggles or to provide crucial medical advice. I’ll listen to them for gym routines and workout advice but damned if I’m trusting their google-voodoo-psychology for tips on turning my life around while in quarantine.

Remember that old saying “Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach”? While that isn’t a rule in life, most of the people I’ve met that call themselves Life Coaches have the most messed up lives of anyone.