In times like this pandemic, the Australian Bushfires a couple of months ago or one of the multitude of enormous political/climate/world events that seem to be spiralling out of control lately, I’m trying to take it as an opportunity to clean out my facebook.

Social media has lead to a divide in the sharing of information as we tend to interact with people that think the same as us. Sure, that’s a bit of a bad thing and it seems to lead to an intolerance of differences in thinking. However, if someone is going to post conspiracy theories, share uninformed or unverified articles all over the place and talk absolute garbage, either they deserve to be called out on it or they deserve to be blocked. I’ve done both recently.

One guy I’ve known for 20 years was posting bullshit about the fires and then got abusive and violent about it so he was swiftly blocked. The other day a former school acquaintance was railing against lockdown saying people will die without jobs. Um, a hell of a lot more people will die if this virus isn’t contained honey. She’s now blocked as well.

A guy I went on a date with several years ago, works in medicine and bio stuff but on top of talking about social distancing and saying to stay home and wash your hands (you know, good advice) he then went on to say that if we all focus our lives on Jesus we’ll get through this. How’s fuck off buddy? Thoughts and Prayers have a 100% failure rate in stopping disasters, gun violence, and every single other situation they are offered up. From someone in medicine it felt incredibly hypocritical and ignorant.

If someone is religious, have at it. If it helps you get through a tough time, fantastic but don’t try and get me to believe. It isn’t going to work. You’ve got even less chance than me becoming vegan or taking up running.

In the mean time stay clean, keep washing.