After two weeks of working from home and taking part in social distancing, I got up to do my usual morning routine of going to the bathroom, cleaning my teeth and taking my PrEP before going for a long walk when I realised, there is absolutely no need for me to take PrEP for a while.

My sex life would suggest that I possibly don’t need it at all but I’d rather be prepared for the rare instances where mood and opportunity collide and I actually get some sex with someone else involved. But while we are all being encouraged to stay at home and stay physically distant from people, casual sex is off the table, or bed. I’m surprised that there are people still trying to hook up on Grindr etc. But then we can’t seem to convince people to not gather on the beach or in parks either so sticking body parts into each other for fun is always going to be hard to stop.

The government needs to just put us in lockdown and make it a fine-worthy offence to be out for anything other than essentials, and sticking body parts into each other is not essential. You may get horny as hell but Pornhub has made their premium services free for a while to get us all through this difficult time. Take your pants off and get yourselves off guys. It’s not difficult.

I’m thinking the break from taking a pill every day and not thinking about the time wasted on Grindr is a good thing.