With socialising all being done via FaceTime and social distancing being a damn good idea I’m getting up early and going for a long walk in the mornings and I have to say, it’s bringing me joy.

There is a big park with trails, ponds, hills etc just down the road from my place and some areas of it are off-leash areas for dogs but it’s pretty accepted for people to walk their dogs on or off leash through the whole park and the dogs are what makes me smile.

One dog would run just in front of it’s human mum who was going for a run. The dog would get only a few metres in front then do a loop to make sure it’s human was still there, bounding around and looking SO happy. Obviously dogs don’t give a flying fuck about social distancing and they are running around chasing each other, saying hi to people and just living their best lives.

Sadly my living arrangements and lifestyle aren’t conducive to owning a dog at this point but they are definitely good for mental health. It’s no surprise they are used as service and companion animals. I know cats are too but I’ve just never gelled with cats.