Now that we are supposed to practice Social Distancing and here in Sydney we are in the first level of lockdown I want to do things that I haven’t been in the mood for or thinking about for a while.

Yep. Sex. I haven’t been in the mood for casual sex for pretty much all this year. Now that we are supposed to stay 1.5m away from everyone all I want to do is be right up in someone’s business. It’s how my brain seems to work. If I can have something too easily I don’t seem to be interested, but if I can’t have it, then I really want it.

I’ve literally just sat down with a coffee but if I finished it and you immediately told me I wasn’t allowed another one, that’s what I would want.

The same rules seem to apply to my dating life. If I like someone 99% of the time they are unavailable or not interested. If they are interested I’m too busy, distracted or stupid to be interested. Why do we do that to ourselves?

In the meantime, this working from home business does mean the opportunities for procrasturbation are increased many times over.