A few people, after I teased an image, were waiting for this download to be released, and today it is. Luke has appeared in one of my downloads before and we took a while to make the time to shoot this one but a few weeks ago, we finally god there.

He’s such a cheeky fun guy to work with and looks so good nude, you know you’re going to get some sexy shots, even when there wasn’t much light available on the day.

If you want to buy the download, simply called LUKE, click here. There are a lot of downloads to choose from if you want more than one. Given a lockdown is quite imminent here in Australia for the Corona Virus, I’m not sure what will happen with downloads for a while. There are a few more in the vault ready to go but there might be a bit of a break in releases sadly.

So as a bit of an incentive, each week I will choose a different already-released download to discount for that week. It will change each week and I won’t announce which one is reduced, you’ll have to go looking. I’ll keep this up until Sydney comes out of the lockdown situation and I can shoot again. The first one is already discounted, but you’ll have to find which one yourselves.