With the world locking down more and more in the face of Corona Virus, I wasn’t sure if yesterday’s wedding was going to take place. I drove down to stay at my parents’ place on Friday night and went further south yesterday for the surprise wedding. It was only a wedding of 20 people and it was outside so we weren’t breaking any guidelines on safety. No one at risk was there and we were all very conscious of social distancing.

It was very special to be able to help two really lovely people surprise their closest family and friends with a surprise wedding. The guests all found out 5 minutes before I walked in that they weren’t just there to celebrate a birthday. Two of the couples in attendance had been wedding clients of mine last year and are also friends so it was great that I’d been able to keep the secret.

We are in for some seriously dark and probably stressful times ahead, possibly for 6 months or more and it’s the little bits of love and light that are going to get us through. One of the other weddings I have booked for April is now happening in December.

Let’s see if we can keep making each other smile for a while. The world needs it.