Working from home is a weird thing. About 14 years ago I did it for two years and I’m stunned I survived. That was working freelance and doing my own thing. Admin is not my strong suit, but more importantly the lack of social interaction is my biggest problem.

All over facebook I’ve seen people joking that as introverts they have been training for this their whole lives and they love it. It doesn’t even feel like a change to them. For people like me, on the other hand it doesn’t feel like it fits. I thrive with other people around.

I’ve had this conversation with a work colleague on the phone today and over facebook chat with another friend. We are people people. I get my energy from other people and really enjoy bouncing work ideas and just conversation around with people.

While this is a horrible situation for the world to be in, it’s going to be interesting to see what it brings out in everyone. I predict there will be more phone calls, even in this era where phone calls are way less common than texting, just to satisfy a more immediate social interaction. Let’s see what happens.