With the world in lockdown, today my office officially started working from home and after initially believing it was to be just a trial, it is now indefinite and policy. There may be occasions where some people are required in the office but those are going to be minimised as much as possible.

Being day one it had a novelty about it and I was very productive. Thankfully there is a lot going through our agency at the moment and a lot to be done. Potentially it all might shift to non-sales related marketing given the current economic climate but at this stage, we have lots to do to keep our days full.

There will no doubt be some cabin fever in store. I get home from the gym by 7am or 7:30am and am at my desk by 8am so essentially never leaving my apartment will send me around the twist. It’s been years since I’ve worked from home and I’m out of practice at the art of breaking my day up nicely so the cabin fever doesn’t get too crazy. Lunch time walks may well be in order while we are still allowed out and about. Coffee breaks on the balcony and just time away from the desk will definitely be required.

Fingers crossed the panic buying of groceries and toilet paper will stop soon and people will settle into a more sane routine. I do predict that there will be some silly selfies taken in this apartment in the near future.