Tomorrow my office begins the “work from home” phase of the Corona Virus prevention. No one is infected that we know of and I don’t think anyone has been exposed but this is all in an effort to minimise the spread and therefor the pressure on the medical system.

My boss is saying at this stage it might just be easier to keep working from home after initially saying we might work in the office in a rotating roster. Who knows what will happen.

What I do know is that I can sleep in a bit and not get up for the gym quite so early because I won’t have a commute after the gym which is great.

I’d always liked the fact that it wasn’t feasible for my job to be done at home with file sizes of my working files being too great but sadly our IT company has made it possible to access our server and all the files remotely. It won’t stop me being relaxed as soon as I walk out the office door in the future though. This is only in this global pandemic situation that I’ll do this, although a bit of flexibility to work from home is a good thing.