There are people that read this blog and one troll in particular that think I bang on about dating and being single too much. I’ve been trying not to but every now and then I just have to.

There’s a guy I’ve been chatting to on Tinder for a few weeks on and off. We were supposed to catch up a couple of weeks ago and on the morning of the catch up I sent a message asking if he was still on for that night. No response. The next day I got “Sorry I’ve only just seen this message.” Interesting since we had made plans.

On Friday night we had plans to catch up for dinner and a drink. Even that morning he was still keen. Two hours before the catch up time I got a message saying he wasn’t feeling well and could we do it next week? The irony and the reason I’m posting about it? His profile says “I really hate flakes”.

There are a lot of guys out there with very little self awareness of their behaviour online doing things just like this that they claim to hate in others. So I had a lovely quiet night to myself on Friday night instead.