When I did an 8-week body transformation and joined a new gym last year, I hoped that it would lead to some radical changes. While it certainly did reinvigorate my gym motivation and enjoyment, no, I’m not suddenly as motivated or disciplined as a Men’s Health cover model and never will be.

When that gym went bust and I had to find a new one I got into a bit of a funk with training again. Now I’m happily settled in at a new gym close to home with great equipment and good classes I’m enjoying my training. Am I going to look like Chris Hemsworth? Hell no, sadly. Having said that, I’m enjoying doing a mix of their classes and doing my own thing on other days.

At the moment I’m doing 6 days a week. Three of my own thing and three days of their classes which are kicking my ass and that’s exactly why I’m doing them. I haven’t sweat as much as I do in those classes and it’s great. Not just getting my heart rate up but really working me hard. It turns out I quite like being in a class training situation. On my own I’m not as likely to push myself.

Gone are the days expecting a stunning overhaul and amazing body. In the second half of my forties it’s about being consistent, keeping moving and doing what keeps me entertained.