It’s taken way longer than I would like to get to this stage but it looks like my road trip from Perth to Broome is going to happen. We’ve had one couple drop out and another will only be able to do part of it but myself and another mate will be going the whole way. Fingers crossed.

Nothing is actually booked yet but we have dates that work for all of us and a rough plan of what to do. Perth, the capital of Western Australia is so far from Sydney that I’ve always felt like I need to go on a decent size trip to make it worthwhile. I think driving 2,000km and seeing some of the most spectacular scenery is a good enough reason to do it.

We will also be going during the right time of year to do a whale shark tour. Swimming with those gentle giants has been on my list for a long time. It would be so good to finally be able to do that. Fingers crossed again.

Road trips are a lot of fun and with just two of us doing the whole thing, it should be pretty easy going. We’ll be able to stop where we like, take photos, see some amazing scenery and have a lot of laughs.