What happens when you don’t have an active sex life or live in an area with many options? Most of us turn to the tried and true skills of self love we learnt at our own hand as teenagers. But what happens when that doesn’t really do it for you anymore?

A friend who lives internationally of mine not so long ago moved back home to his home town which isn’t a huge town and isn’t very gay at all. He’s decided to give “semen retention” a go. The idea is you channel the energy you used to put into jerking off and cumming, into other things. For instance you might direct all that pent up frustration into working out. Some people allegedly find that focusing on work without the distraction of getting off works.

My friend only goes 7-10 days without a bit of self love but proponents of the practice go months. I have been known to go months without anyone else being involved but a wank is standard daily practice for me. Some days it’s a very routine, ho-hum experience and others… well, we all know how good it can feel.

I’m not sure it’s something I’ll be giving a go but I’m curious. There is also the fear that with the little sex I get with other people, if I stop jerking off I might just become dead sexually. Not an exciting prospect I have to say.