For any rational human looking at world events, there really can’t be any denying that it feels like a world gone mad out there. We have national leaders being elected who seem to abhor the truth and any rational behaviour. Our Prime Minister can’t give a straight honest answer to even unimportant questions. Trump is just clearly corrupt, irrational and possibly in the early stages of dementia and Boris Johnson, despite somehow delivering the promise of Brexit, still feels like a lunatic left alone somewhere he shouldn’t be. Brexit was never a good idea to start with.

Then we get to the environmental stuff. Our PM (see above) can’t give a direct response to anything climate change related and still promotes coal power as a good option. Vast portions of Australia have been in drought for a few years now, then the rest of the country went and caught on fire. Two days ago was the first day in 240 days without a fire burning in New South Wales, the state I live in. When rain arrived it caused flash flooding in parts of Queensland and Victoria.

Now the world is losing it’s collective mind about the Corona Virus even though you are statistically more likely to die from the regular flu. Sure, it’s not really being contained and the authorities are still working out how to treat it but people in my age bracket (40-50) only have 0.4% chance of dying from it if they contract it.

Here in Australia (and I believe in Seattle) someone raised concerns that toilet paper is made in China and we might run out. This has lead to (seriously) people pulling knives in fights over toilet paper in supermarket aisles. The virus doesn’t cause you to shit yourself people. Even if we all need to go into quarantine or work from home for a few weeks, shouldn’t we be buying food?

Maybe this really is the end of days and this is how we end? A global pandemic of absolute stupidity will surely wipe us all out before a flu virus.