Everyone on the planet has things they prefer over something else? I prefer white coffee over black coffee but does that mean I tell people off for having black coffee? Not at all. That’s up to them.

I have found out that through a nudie page on Instagram that I’m part of one of the guys has been direct messaging guys that groom their body hair and abusing them. Seriously? Personally I prefer smooth over hairy but there are guys out there and a LOT of them, that disagree with me. Who the hell thinks it’s ok to abuse someone for enjoying the body and the hair they have or choosing to remove it?

The world has become so divided lately with very little discussion or consideration for others happening. If you disagree, you are wrong, evil and crazy. People like Trump thrive on this strategy and it’s how he’s kept his followers believing him. Just tell them the others are lying and stupid.

I have to say, in my time in Europe last year the smooth nude men with little to absolutely zero body hair were the ones in the majority. I loved it. There are times when my grooming gets a little bit lazy because I don’t expect to be sharing my body with anyone in the near future so I don’t agonise over it.

Can’t we just stop trying to police each other so much over every little thing?