This little slice of the internet is my space to share, over share and then probably share some more. It’s my ramblings on my life and experiences. Since this blog started in it’s original form nearly 15 years ago, social media has changed the blogging/sharing landscape forever so blogs like this don’t get the numbers of followers they used to and that’s fine.

It was a pleasant surprise this morning to have a guy come up and introduce himself and ask if I was Brenton. It turns out he’s been reading my blog on and off for about ten years and he says it really helped him when he was coming out ten years ago. That made me very happy to hear. I don’t set myself up as any authority on life or being gay but I guess to someone possibly scared about coming out and how it may affect your life, this blog shows that you can still have a happy, healthy, fun life.

The guy at the beach sure has found that to be the case. He got married to his husband three years ago and regularly travels the world with his job. You could say he’s got the gay life sorted out better than I do.