People that have pets naturally have to be less selfish than those without. There’s all the walking, cleaning, picking up and looking after that comes with the joys of having a pet. Myself, I grew up in a dog family. While I never really did much apart from occasionally feeding and walking I did love those dogs.

Apart from teaching you compassion, selflessness and responsibility, is there another really good side effect of being an animal person? Can animals make you hot? Sure, there are medically proven examples of animals increasing your mental well being and looking after you as service animals but can you actually get prettier?

A couple of months ago I posted about US Animal Planet Vet, Evan Antin who looks like Superman but possibly even hotter. There is another example that I’m about to show you. I’ve been following this guy, Dean Schneider on instagram for a while. He’s a Swiss guy living in Africa working with animals. His instagram is full of him playing with lyons, monkeys, snakes and all sorts of creatures. He has a really playful, fun, energetic vibe about him and he’s also damed sexy.

I’ve recently discovered his youtube channel which has only had videos on it for 5 or 6 days now but they give a good example of him and his passion for animals. I wonder if he has a spare bed for visitors?