Having a nephew and a niece is a huge source of entertainment and pride for me. There will never be any children of my own and I’m totally fine with that but having a generation to see growing up and to play a small role in that is great.

Last year my niece had her first boyfriend starting when she was 13 but it never got at all serious and was all done and dusted in a few months. Thank goodness. My sister and her husband have done a great job raising smart, considerate kids that are pretty well behaved so I don’t think we have any teenage pregnancies or anything serious to worry about.

My nephew went on a first date with a girl on Sunday night and I was surprised to hear it. He’s 17 now but goes to an all boys high school so I was curious to know how he met her because I think the school only has limited contact with other schools. It turns out it was a thoroughly modern interaction and they met on Instagram. I’m not sure who slid into whose DM’s but it seems to have worked.

With the #metoo movement, and Harvey Weinstein being convicted today and confirmed as a horrible sexual predator I do get nervous about what guys might try with my niece or whether my nephew might ignorantly cross a line but as I said, they have been raised by good parents. You just have to give them the best guidance you can I guess. They grow up so fast!

There’s always Uncle B to give them advice and some good natured teasing.