In the 20 years since I came out, the scene is a different place to what it was. Not all for the bad, we now have marriage equality, much stronger anti-discrimination laws and generally pretty good societal acceptance.

In 20 years though, the drugs have changed. I’ve tried my fairly modest share of party drugs but these days the drugs don’t stay on the dance floor. They’ve invaded the bedroom and not for the better. Sure there are lots of guys that will say they love some sex high on G but that’s not the biggest concern.

T, Meth, Tina, Crystal, Ice. Whatever you want to call it, it’s deadly and a huge number of gay men can’t actually have sex without it. It lowers your inhibitions and gives you a lot of freedom but with that false confidence comes reliance. There are guys out there that I’ve spoken to that haven’t had sober sex in over a decade. One young guy I’ve met recently discovered it’s liberating powers in a sex fuelled weekend. Due to a sexual assault and trauma a few years ago he is a top. On this recent weekend, high on meth he went to a sauna and got fucked by 11 guys.

If meth is so powerful that you go from a top who can’t emotionally bottom, to a pretty greedy bottom in the space of one night, then I’m going to say it’s not a safe drug. Are you thinking straight or making good choices if you are prepared to go that far against your normal self? I’d rather have a good wank than rely on such a dangerous, addictive and destructive drug.

With Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras this weekend, no doubt there are a lot of dubious life choices about to be made. Stay safe kids.