A couple of weeks ago I asked people on my instagram story about whether they would use open showers at the gym if the gyms had them these days. Obviously most of my followers are more ok with nudity than others as overwhelmingly people voted yes.

There were some no votes however. Not many of the no voters followed up with a message saying why. One is a guy from Sydney that I have chatted to a bit and he, when I asked why he said no, said it was because he’s quite hung and people stare and it makes him feel self conscious.

With most of society fetishising huge cocks or wishing they had one it’s interesting to hear that someone might feel self conscious about actually having one. Being a very standard size guy in a lot of ways, height, shape, cock etc, I’m used to not being stared at because I fit expectations. I’ve often admired the courage of the guys at the nude beach who are over weight and/or have very small penises. I love that they don’t let it stop them enjoying the freedom of being nude but I’d always assumed that the guys with big cocks were confident about it.

Even porn stars who have huge cocks, when asked will usually say they love it and that even they want a little bit more. Is that just because the world says everyone wants a bigger dick?

In my mind I would love a big cock that swings around impressively on the beach, but in reality would I? I’ll never know but the response from my hung “no” voter gave me pause to think, maybe being super hung isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.