Being in the business of photographing naked men, and some of them erotically, there are a lot of misconceptions about what I do. I’ve just spent a lovely evening catching up with a mate who also photographs beautiful men. We were chatting about the different bizarre messages we get from models and followers.

It’s been something I’ve known for a while that people assume that I have sex with all my models and that’s why I do what I do. Not the case at all. There are a couple of Sydney based photographers that I have heard can get a bit handsy and flirty with models and the models have to say no. One I’ve heard only does it so that he can hook up with models. While I admire the confidence I don’t condone the approach or the vibe at all.

After a conversation with my boss at my “real” job she floated a theory that has crossed my mind in the past already. That being potential romantic partners might be put off by my photography thinking that I only expect to date people that look the way my models do. Again, not the case at all. I wouldn’t want to date a model. Sure they are gorgeous but I have enough body hangups of my own without comparing myself to someone that looks like my models.

There isn’t much that would stop me doing photography and shooting beautiful male nudes. I do it for the creative pursuit and trying to create beautiful images. Sure, there is a pretty good benefit in having beautiful men get nude in front of my camera but a lot of the time I’m actually nervous about doing a good job and not wasting the opportunity to capture such beautiful specimens.