Locker rooms are where a lot of us gay men found ourselves, as young boys, looking at men in fascination as they got undressed and took a shower. It’s almost a rite of passage but increasingly it’s a rare thing to find gyms with open communal showers. At least here in Australia and other places like the U.S. anyway.

In a conversation on the topic tonight we realised that it is slightly different at the public swimming pools. Those locker rooms still rarely have showers in cubicles. They might often have dividers but no doors or screens. It’s been a long time since gyms here in Australia have routinely had open showers and I think that’s a shame.

Today in an instagram story I started a poll about whether people would use open showers if that what their gym had. The results are probably skewed by my followers all at least being intrigued by nudity but I was very surprised that so far after 165+ votes the results are 94% yes, people would use the open showers. That’s a pleasant surprise. If so many people are comfortable with it, why have the gyms all moved towards private cubicles?

I maintain that if we all saw each other, us regular folks naked more often, there would be a lot less trouble with body image. As it stands we generally only see models and porn stars nude unless and that is not a realistic or healthy target to emulate. Nudity isn’t just for sex.