There are so many vloggers out there these days and I have so much respect for those people out there that find there thing, hone their style and make a real go of it. In my few attempts at vlogging and running a youtube channel, I know it’s hard bloody work. Vlogging especially can be awkward, if you aren’t completely lacking in self-consciousness running around town talking into a camera is a bit odd.

Over the years that I’ve been watching youtube videos, vloggers have come and gone. One favourite, the Finnish Timo Wilderness just kind of stopped making videos which was a real shame. He had a beautiful, open hearted and slightly eccentric (or just Finnish) view of the world and promoted a really cool approach to the world.

Ben Brown was a great vlogger for a while, taking us all on amazing adventures around the world including one epic 13 day trip around the Arctic Circle on a Russian ice breaker. He’s back vlogging after a bit of a break but he has met a new girlfriend and completely changed. I’d even say he’s had a nervous breakdown. He’s all crazy ethereal hippy talk now and looks freaking stoned or wired the whole time. I had to unsubscribe.

One of the most reliable and incredible success stories of youtube over the past few years is Peter McKinnon. His photography and videography tutorials, his vlogs and just his videos in general are just superb quality. That’s how he’s amassed over 4 million subscribers in just a few years.

I have so many ideas for videos, it’s just so damn daunting to do them. Got to just pick up the camera and start I guess.