People watching is one of the best sports going around. If you are ever worried that you aren’t normal, just sit in a public space and watch, someone will do something so odd that you’ll feel immeasurably better about yourself in no time at all.

Restaurants are a great place for people watching. It’s like feeding time at the aquarium but for people. Fish don’t have to pretend they like each other or be witty or anything but people do.

At a friend’s birthday dinner on Saturday there was a table of 20-somethings next to us. Five guys and four girls. Like all true-blue Aussie men, they sat together and pretty much ignored their girlfriends who all sat together and pretty much ignored their boyfriends. I thought dating in the gay world was bad but in the straight world you aren’t even allowed to associate with the opposite sex at social functions unless you have your tongue down their throat?

How does this work? To be honest I’m stunned that the world has managed to perpetuate the species for so long.