Season two of the brilliant British Netflix series SEX EDUCATION launched a few weeks ago and I’ve just finished the series and already want more. It handles serious topics like sexual assault, sexuality, gender, insecurities and relationships with such an intelligent but delicate hand and a sense of humour that is rare on tv these days.

Sadly it may well be another year before we see another season, if they renew it at all. I hope they do. The characters are so well written and Gillian Anderson is brilliant in it as Otis’ mum.

One of the characters, Jackson, is absolutely gorgeous. The actor who plays Jackson is Kedar Williams-Sterling. He’s only 25 so I shouldn’t be lusting but he is just a beautiful man. According to Wikipedia he’s been on screens for a while now in lots of different roles but this is the first time I’ve seen him.

At the start of season one of Sex Education he comes across as the arrogant star athlete who you just don’t want to like but over that season and even more so in season two you really want to see him succeed. You also want him to take his shirt off more too. He plays a swimmer and it is a frustration of mine when you see people play swimmers in movies and on tv that aren’t actually great swimmers.

Kedar swims better than lots of actors playing swimmers but a natural swimmer makes going really fast look effortless. I’m yet to see an actor do that on screen sadly. He looks good in the speedos though.