You would think after having many many good social interactions with straight men that I might have let go of my defensive preconceptions over the years. Apparently not. I still feel slightly uneasy going into a pub full of straight men, even if it’s in the area of Sydney that I live in which is very diverse and accepting.

I recently discovered the youtube channel of Gareth Leonard who has been pretty much a full time traveller for 8 years or so now. When you first see him, or when I did at least, I thought former frat guy, probably played football, partied hard and had a string of girlfriends and probably never left his home town. Wrong.

Gareth obviously travels constantly and has a really cool, unpretentious vibe. Lots of the straight travel vloggers that I’ve seen do lots of yelling and “bro” kinda posturing. Gareth’s real passion is clearly food. On his channel you will find a LOT of talk of local foods and he clearly relishes in it.

So far I have watched videos of him exploring Japan, Russia, Iceland and Norway. He has a really enthusiastic but chilled approach to his travel and his vlogging. And so far he’s made me want to go to all the places I’ve watched him visit. Also, doesn’t hurt that he’s cute.