A couple of weeks ago I went to another speed dating event. There were some really nice guys there and I had a lot of laughs. One of the guys and I added each other on facebook and when I suggested catching up for a beer he said yeah. A few days later I suggested a night and he said he’d have to see because he had some things on. Since then, nothing.

Now, I barely know the guy so I’m not devastated or anything but I’m struggling to understand why he would say yes to a beer if he had no interest? The dating world is hard. I honestly didn’t ever picture my future when I was a kid or a teenager or even in my 20’s and think I’d be single in the second half of my 40’s, but here we are.

Generally speaking we gay men could do a lot better with the way we treat each other. It feels like we do almost anything else instead of having an honest conversation. We’ve all picked up baggage from being hurt along the way and we have all no doubt done some hurting.

I joked with a friend last week that I must have kicked someone’s black cat or something in a past life to get this kind of rubbish dating karma in this life. But then I don’t really believe that stuff.