Sometimes the short ones are more of a problem than the long ones aren’t they? I mean, occasionally they feel fine but others they just hurt and they can be more brutal. I’m talking about a work week, obviously.

This week in Australia was a short week after a public holiday on Monday but for some reason it felt like a long and difficult week even though it was short, and difficult.

I’ve been feeling like I’m fighting off a cold or a virus and just lacking in energy, the weather has been brutally humid here in Sydney. Add to that a sense of hopelessness around our pathetic government increasingly showing it’s corrupt nature, and just some general bullshit going on at work and it was with great relief I walked out the door yesterday afternoon and found myself shortly after at a bbq with a glass of rosé in my hand. It was a great antidote to the frustrations of the week.

Now I’m having a day in the house in the air conditioning because it’s brutally hot outside today. I’m going to stay as comfortable as I can.