Grindr is a land full of some terrible behaviour and potentially hours of wasted time and energy. If there is no need to waste that time I’d rather not. Tonight I was chatting to a guy that I’ve seen on there a bit. I wasn’t looking for any action but he had messaged so I replied.

After chatting for a bit he was asking if I was interested in hooking up. Sexually speaking he is into X, Y and Z but I’m after A, B and C. No those letters don’t actually represent anything specific but illustrate that we aren’t after the same kind of thing from a hookup.

He asked me if I wanted to get together and “try it out” anyway. For me there is just no point. If someone is after a kind of sex I’m not into, I’d rather step away and let them find that sex with someone else? If I’m in a relationship and a partner wants to do something I may not love, but it’s not going to hurt me physically or emotionally, then sure, I’ll probably give it a go from time to time to make him happy. But why on earth would I have sex that I don’t enjoy with someone I’m only meeting for casual sex?

Ah sex, it’s a weird and wonderful world at times isn’t it?