I’m lacking in energy and I really don’t know why. This week has been a struggle. On Thursday morning and again today I was supposed to go to the gym but didn’t have the energy or motivation to do so and yesterday I slept through my alarm which I never do.

There are a bunch of viruses going around in the office/city at the moment and I’m probably just fighting one of those off but not actually sick. Or maybe it’s just a cyclical thing and I’m just having an off week. Apart from being tired I don’t feel bad at all. Who knows.

Thankfully we have a long weekend here in Australia. It’s our national day “Australia Day” tomorrow but it’s an increasingly controversial holiday with more people becoming aware of just how traumatic it is for Aboriginal Australians. It is after all, the anniversary of the first settlers arriving in Australia back in 1788. That first settling began a systematic and horrendous genocide of the native Aboriginal people.

So tomorrow I’m not really doing anything specific to celebrate our national day but spending a day looking after myself and catching up with my friends.

In three hours I’ll be getting naked and lying on a massage table for a much needed and probably painful massage.