The number of guys that I have photographed is a number I haven’t even tallied up. Every now and then I think about doing the numbers but it’s all a bit daunting and I’m not great with numbers generally. It’s definitely over 100 though. The vast majority of those guys have been great to work with. Many of them I’ve worked with several times.

In the past week or two I’ve been reminded that not all the guys I talk to about shoots are that reliable. One guy I had been talking to literally for months trying to organise something. We’re talking close to a year. A few days before the scheduled shoot, and less than a week after he opened an Onlyfans account with a boner shot, he announces that I won’t be able to use or sell the images and he’s deleted the onlyfans.

Why on earth would I do a shoot that I can’t use, for free? No thank you. Sure, photography is a side hustle or a “hobby job” but I’m not here to satisfy your exhibitionist urges and validate you. Which brings me to the other guy.

Over a few weeks a guy from interstate was talking about visiting and doing an erotic shoot. To the point where it became clear he has some submissive fantasies and would do “whatever you tell me to do”. He was right up for being tied up and fucked on camera which is a rare opportunity for me. He kept talking about this weekend, the long weekend for Australia Day, but somehow never committed to actually coming to town. Sorry guys but I am happy to incorporate your fantasy on camera but I’m not going to endlessly talk about it to get your rocks off in chat if it isn’t ever going to happen.

There is always a danger of this kind of work that people will use it to boost their ego, which is fine if the results are usable. If not, don’t waste my time.