After a bit of a break over the Christmas and New Year period, last night I started back at circus classes and my god it was tough. It’s the kind of fitness that you lose very quickly when you take a break so after about 6 weeks, hauling my arse off the ground was hard work but very fun and satisfying as usual.

This morning was my second day trialling a new gym. They have some interesting sounding classes so I’m doing those all week to see what I think of the place. Today was the boxing class. Going out on a limb it’s been a good 14-15 years since I have done a boxing class and to say I was a sweaty exhausted mess by the end of it would be a total understatement.

About an hour after finishing the class, after a cold shower and getting to work, I finally stopped sweating and I was STARVING. Clearly getting my heart rate up is the kind of training I need to be doing to burn off all the food I’ve been over eating.

Sadly it doesn’t seem to be the kind of gym to have lots of guys getting changed and showered in the locker room but that’s ok. That’s not why I’m going right?