It’s only been four months since my big European adventure ended although it feels like a million years in some ways. This year I’m planning an adventure within Australia in the middle of the year. It’s just a matter of confirming the availability of some of the guys going.

But my mind is already thinking further into the future. It’s no secret that I like to have something to look forward to when it comes to holidays or adventures. The only trouble is that there are so many places to see in this world and I am not rich enough to stop working and go and see them all. Hardly seems fair in my opinion.

Do I finally go and see South America? Or is it time to check out the wilds of Africa on a safari and see if I’m lucky enough to see the big 5 and all the other gorgeous creatures there? Europe will always hold a fascination and a piece of my heart. Maybe it’s a Finland, Norway, Sweden adventure?

Then there are the options of tours? I discovered a group called Puckett Excursions a few months ago and they do tours to all sorts of places and it looks like it’s generally for gay men who are more into adventure than circuit parties. Some of the places they go look incredible.

Obviously I have tonnes of time to work all this out. I’ll be focusing on this year’s Aussie adventure first, but all the possibilities are tantalising.