After reconnecting with someone I hadn’t been in touch with for over a year, today we started chatting on Facebook and he told me he was six months out of a very toxic relationship that he had been in when we caught up last.

I’ve never quite understood people that need to be controlling in their relationships but I’ve seen it happen. The natural assumption is that the controlling person is deeply insecure and has to control everything their partner does and demean them to lower their self esteem so they don’t leave.

This guy’s boyfriend had his email password and decided to shut the email down so the guy I know lost all his emails and contacts in it. An escort I knew a long time ago had been introduced to escorting by his boyfriend who was also an escort but then the boyfriend was insanely jealous and wouldn’t let him go to the nude beach just in case someone “stole him”. That is some seriously messed up psychology.

Thankfully the guy I was talking to today is now happy and healthy and enjoying being out of the destructive relationship he was in for a few years. We are planning on getting him back in front of my camera and I can’t wait.