Does anyone else have those moments where you just wonder what is going on in your life? With all the different things I do in my life from my day-to-day job, to circus, to photography, to weddings and all the different friends in my life, every now and then I notice that things can be a bit contradictory.

There is a guy from Melbourne who is keen to model for me and is happy to go full on erotic/sexual. He’s also a bit of a submissive so is completely open to the idea of being tied up, blindfolded and then letting the other model have his way with him. So I floated the idea of a bondage dungeon setting. Today I messaged someone, and one of the few people I know who might have a lead on that sort of thing, asking if he knew about one I could shoot in.

Shortly after that conversation I left work so that I could meet another friend for dinner. That friend? A Catholic Priest. Who would have thought you could go from researching a bondage dungeon to chatting over dinner with a priest?

I have to say, it’s that kind of diverse interaction that really keeps life interesting and forces you to keep your mind open. I love it.