I’ve released the next download a week early to try and keep momentum up raising money for the bushfires here in Australia. At the moment we’ve raised over $1,800 from sales of downloads and I’m hoping that with this new download, CONTRAST we can at least go past $2,000.

These two guys had both been in front of my camera before separately but they also knew each other independently of me so they pitched the idea of working together. Of course I jumped at the chance. I’m not an idiot.

There were two parts to this shoot and the other part will be released in a future download in weeks to come. For this one we just played on the contrast between their two skin tones. Chris really is that pale and Shon obviously has dark skin. They worked beautifully against each other. By that I mean their skin tone as well as their two beautiful bodies up against each other.

There are lots of beautiful images in this download with some full frontal images in there for those of you that require it. Please click here and go on a download shopping spree. I’m donating 100% of all sales til the end January 18 to the bushfire cause. Australia is hurting and we need to do what we can.