It’s been up and it’s been down. The first week back at work of the new year has been a ride. The work aspect of it has actually been fine. Not busy enough to make the days fly by but good to see some of my work colleagues. Like most work places, some people I can do without and we’ll never be close.

Sadly the fires are still raging across Australia and are setting all the wrong kind of records. Our Prime Minister is still being useless and is now (unintentionally) insulting people along the way. He apparently spent $180,000 on an empathy coach a little while back. Sadly that seems to have amounted to nothing.

Thankfully sales of my downloads have been going well and we are well over $1,500 now. I know that isn’t a huge amount but it really does feel good to be able to contribute even that little bit. These fires are absolutely devastating. I will be releasing the next download this Sunday, a week early to try and keep the momentum going.

In other very sweet news it was my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary yesterday. It’s a weird thought that at my age even if I met someone tomorrow and we got married relatively quickly I have almost no chance of attaining that milestone. My parents are still my gold standard for relationships. Is it perfect? No, of course not but I would say it’s about as healthy a relationship as you can see. They communicate well, they put each other first and they are a team. A team that still holds hands.

Tomorrow, after a workout and a photo shoot, I’m off to Wollongong to catch up with some old school friends that are still good friends which will be nice. It also means I get some chilled time with my parents. I’m looking forward to it.