It’s actually been quite a while since I’ve had a troll in my life. Sure, if I make the mistake of engaging in political talk on twitter or facebook that definitely opens up the floodgates for some pretty awful behaviour but it’s been ages since this blog has had some trolling.

There was a time early on in the days of the blog that one particular guy kept trolling and being vicious and nasty. He even posted a couple of times using different names to agree with himself but each comment came through from the same IP address. Like most trolls, he wasn’t very smart.

The recent one was on on the Facebook page for this blog. He kept being nasty about how pathetic and single I was and how I whined about being single. He went quiet for a few weeks but today he reared his anonymous head. I hadn’t worked out how to block him from the page before but now that is sorted right out.

I had actually asked him nicely to message me privately and have a rational conversation about why he hated me and felt the need to troll but not surprisingly, he didn’t take up that offer. Can’t imagine why. Asshole. Blocking is so much easier than engaging.