I’ve just released a new download called “DANIEL”. Daniel was a novice who had only done one photo shoot before and never done a nude. He’d also only been to one nude beach in his life. He takes the fake it till you make it approach and stripped off as soon as we hit the beach, revelling in his freedom.

To coincide with the release of DANIEL, I’m announcing that starting with today’s sales, all proceeds from sales of ALL DOWNLOADS over the next two weeks will go to the Rural Fire Service. These amazing people have been battling the largest fires seen in Australian history. If you took the line of the fire fronts and straightened it out it would reach from here to Argentina. Millions of Acres are devastated, countless animals have died and 8 people have lost their lives.

Please click here and go on a download buying frenzy. Remember proceeds of ALL downloads sold will go to the RFS. That’s $9.95 each. It’s not a lot but it will help.