Two of my friends are good at hunting down interesting cinema and events to go to. I love the idea of seeing art house cinema etc but never seem to manage the time to go to the films or galleries etc.

Yesterday we went to see a new Pedro Almodovar film “Pain and Glory” starring Almodovar’s favourite Antonio Banderas. It was a beautiful film telling the story of Banderas’ character’s life and how he ended up where he is. In one of the flashbacks to his childhood we get to see the family’s painter washing up after he’s been doing some painting and tiling in their home.

The painter/handyman is played by Cesar Vicente and he is one of those gorgeous staples of Arthouse cinema. He has delicious lips, deep brown eyes you could get lost in, a lean athletic body and he’s not afraid to get nude. As usual in European cinema and especially Almodovar’s films, the nudity is sensual and beautiful without being gratuitous.

Cesar is a bit of a mystery according to wikipedia. I think he is around 21 years old and I presume Spanish but that’s about all I know. I highly recommend the film if arthouse is your thing.