As an uncle, it is my duty to ensure my niece and nephew have a well rounded experience in the world. That means keeping their feet on the ground and teaching them the importance of a sense of humour.

Last year I put a studio photo of the two of them on a t-shirt which I wore to Christmas and gave them t-shirts with me wearing the other t-shirt on them. This year I took the photo of the three of us wearing our shirts and put it on a shirt for me. Then I went hard on their t-shirts.

Last Christmas my mother gave me an official Lordship title. I officially am a Lord and have a tiny bit of land in the UK so I found an oil painting from a couple of hundred years ago of a Lord or someone, put my face on it and put the original photo of them in the background. Then I put that on shirts for them. It’s safe to say the original photo of them will never stop haunting them.

My family are a lot of fun and it’s great that we can stir each other like that. They made a feeble attempt at trolling me back but it wasn’t very well thought out. They will have to sharpen their game to get one on Uncle B.