I’ve been finding it really difficult to invest my time in tv series lately and as a result I’ve been surfing the world of YouTube a lot. Watching videos from people I subscribe to and doing random searches can lead you to some intriguing places.

One of the most intriguing places I’ve ended up lately is the world of Dr Evan Antin. He is a vet who is perfectly designed for the life of a celebrity vet and perfectly designed in general. Well almost. In a Q&A video I saw, he reveals that he’s straight. Not everyone can be perfect.

The man is almost a twin brother to Henry Cavill, aka Superman. In fact I think his body is hotter. It’s less straight up body building beefcake and more athletic. The way this man looks after animals makes my ovaries explode and I don’t even have them.

How do people look like this in the real world? Check out his youtube channel here. Sadly he hasn’t uploaded in a while.