Sorry for having a couple of nights off posts here on Aussielicious. I’ll be honest. I was drunk both nights but it is the season for it. On Wednesday night I was catching up with very good friends and just having a good laugh over a pub meal.

Last night was our office Christmas party which started with drinks, nibbles and Kris Kringle gift swapping about 2pm. I got home at 11pm so you can imagine how many glasses of bubbles or wine I had over that period.

Tonight I shall be lying low and having an early night in bed because I’m just plain old tired after two nights of drinking. It takes so much longer to bounce back these days. In my 20’s I would be fine but now, not so much.

They were both great nights though so there are no complaints. I’ve now finished work for the year and have two weeks off. Fingers crossed there is some good weather for lying on the beach!