These days the release of a movie trailer can be almost as much of an event as the release of the movie itself. When the movie has been anticipated for 34 years, it kinda adds to the excitement.

This morning I saw that a new trailer for next year’s sequel to Top Gun had been released. As much as I think Tom Cruise is a crazy scientologist and a bit dangerous, I can’t wait for this movie. This would probably be the first Tom Cruise movie I’ve been excited for since he jumped on the couch shouting that he loved Katie Holmes.

Not only is there a lot of nostalgia involved in Top Gun but it looks like it’s going to have the same amazing fighter jet sequences, beautiful cinematography and hella-homoerotic bravado.

Looking back 33 years to when the original came out, I remember seeing the famous volleyball scene and really enjoying it even though it would be another 13 years before I realised why I was enjoying seeing sweaty glistening muscled guys shirtless.