One of my latest celebrity crushes, if you can call it that, is Harry Styles. I think I’d just love to hang out with him as much as anything. He’s so effortlessly cool.

With his new album coming out last Friday, a lot of fans speculate that one of it’s themes is his rumoured bisexuality. He’s been the subject of rumours around his sex/love life for several years now but rather than get defensive like Tom Cruise, John Travolta or any of the others, he just doesn’t seem to care.

In a new interview with The Guardian he said “It’s not a case of, ‘I’m not telling you cause I don’t want to tell you.’ It’s not, ‘Oh, this is mine and it’s not yours’. It, ‘Who cares?’ Does that make sense? It’s just, who cares.” He also denied “sprinkling in nuggets of sexual ambiguity to try and be more interesting”.

Harry to me epitomises the new breed of masculinity where if you want to wear nail polish, sheer blouse style shirts and flamboyant trousers, which he does all at the same time, regularly, then fucking go for it.

In the gay world we are just as guilty of toxic masculinity. You can only be seen as sexy if you’re muscular and “masculine”. I say bullshit. People like Harry can lead the way, all while supplying a great soundtrack.