When you think about it, our Grindr profiles are a bit like our sexual political campaign. We embellish our good attributes, neglect to mention our bad points and some people flat out lie, like the guys that say they are versatile but they are most definitely a bottom.

I’ve had two Grindr encounters this weekend and while both ticked the boxes of what I needed they both came with awkward moments which is not unusual when inviting strangers into your house to get naked and fool around.

With the first one, the actual sexual shenanigans was fine. Not earth shattering but far from terrible. He was an AWFUL kisser though. My lord it was like some kind of medical contraption designed to clamp over your entire face while a tongue went on an exploratory mission. After it was all over he was trying to suggest we catch up for a coffee some time. Obviously I wasn’t rude but I gave some non-committal response and proceeded to block him the next morning. I wasn’t interested in a repeat. The only trouble with location based apps is proximity. I went for breakfast at the cafe nearby the next morning and there he was. Thankfully he didn’t see me.

The second encounter was a quick and easy hookup and all went fine but when we were done he was standing there naked as if he wanted to hang around and socialise. Um. No buddy, this is where you get dressed and leave. It’s not like we had a really fun connection and good chat. If that had been the case, sure, stay naked, sit down and I’ll grab us a wine.

Do you think the dial in sex era has killed social skills in the realm of sexual encounters?